If you are interested in obtaining Lean Green Belt certification that will help you apply the concepts effectively in any environment, this is the program for you! My goal is to equip participants with the ability to plan and facilitate Lean initiatives. Not only do I teach simple tools for identifying and implementing process improvements, I show how to use them: what to say and when to say it.

Your business processes are used for all of the training exercises so learning is practical and relevant to your environment. The last day is dedicated to developing your organization’s Lean implementation plan so that the tools are applied quickly and effectively.


Lean U Green Belt Certification is a 5-day program involving in-class workshops and take away assignments:

Day 1: Key Concepts

  • Customer focus
  • Engaged employees
  • Value Streams and the 7 wastes

Day 2: Capture the Current State

  • Define value
  • Visually capture the end-to-end process steps and waste
  • Prioritize wastes for elimination

Days 3 and 4: Design and Implement Improvements

  • The Plan, Do, Check, Act system for solving problems

Day 5: 5S and the Lean Implementation Plan

  • The 5S system for creating and maintaining a clean, safe and efficient work environment
  • A customized implementation plan for your organization is created


The cost for the above training program is $1,995 plus GST per person; fees are subject to change.

For more information or a detailed training outline, please contact me at